Why the name Wolf & Key?

About W&K

Wolf & Key was started by brothers-in-law Adam Morley and Taylor Draper. Our name comes from two of the main business principles we abide by: being aggressive as a wolf and opening doors to new opportunities. We’re most passionate about taking that incredible, awe-inspiring passion that you have for your business and helping it grow through digital marketing strategies. We’re also committed to a no-bullshit approach, so you can count on us to shoot it straight and tell it like it is.

We break through any barrier between you and your customers using cutting-edge marketing strategies, authentic interactions, and creative storytelling.

We at Wolf & Key pride ourselves for putting our client’s success first. “Purpose over Profit” is a motto we live by. It’s our goal to provide the best possible experience, with no bullshit added.

To be a Premier Partner, businesses are required to have larger client bases, more experience under their belt, and be more successful with their marketing strategies than other companies. There are less than 150 Premier Partners nationwide.

How Did Wolf & Key Become a Google Premier Partner?

In order to be named a Google Premier Partner, Wolf & Key had to prove we have a superior level of experience and proficiency in developing, launching, and managing AdWords campaigns. Now, we’re required to stay up to date in product training, tools, and AdWords support.

What Does This Mean for You?

It means Google says we’re certified experts in all of Google’s business development platforms. We have a dedicated team within Google to provide insights and custom tools for each of our campaigns. We also have access to Premier-Partner-only tools and tests that help us improve and refine your accounts on a consistent basis.

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