Digital Guidance


Sometimes, the crew is smart and capable but a new direction is needed to set the ship back on course. In these situations, we get to know our clients and share in detail what we would do if it were our business. From rearranging websites to laying out full 12-month marketing and content plans, we’ll bring in fresh ideas…and probably old whiskey.

Every business or nonprofit has different needs, so no 2 of our clients are the same. But here are the main things most clients need help with…


We’ll help you identify your target market more specifically, tell you where they hang out online, and refine your process of drawing them in.


We’ll take a look at your photo, video, and copy to make sure it will keep people’s attention and it communicates properly with your target audience.


We’ll go over your existing initiatives across the web with a fine-tooth comb, making sure you’re using all the best practices, tricky tactics, ad placements, and follow-up procedures that will benefit you most.

One of our favorite

Aspen Auto Clinic hired W&K when a competitor didn’t meet expectations. After the first week of Aspen’s launch, we did 1430% better than our competitors did over a year and a half of work. After a month, they recorded their best month of sales in the last 6 years, having improved their monthly sales by 35%. These aren’t even fake numbers. It happened.

Check out our team. No, these aren't stock photos...