Get Your Business On Track


As the backbone of Wolf & Key, Taylor & Adam have the resources and expertise needed to coach your business. For each one of our consulting clients, we put our heads together to work for you. Whether your business is in a slump or you can’t seem to think of new ways to attack the market, we’re here to bring in fresh minds, fresh ideas, and fresh whiskey to jump start your growth.

Young but experienced whippersnappers that we are, we know that fifteen heads are better than one. So, Adam and Taylor oversee the consulting process, but don’t you worry, we’ll bring the entire team on board for brainstorming and execution.

What exactly would we do if you were to hire us for consulting services? Well it's different for each client because every business has different needs. But here are some of the main areas we target.

Sales Funnel

We'll make sure you're targeting your ideal client and help you re-work your sales funnel to reach them better.

Brand Awareness

We'll check your presence on social media and make suggestions for what you can do to grow your brand through avenues like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Online Campaigns

We'll analyze your current pay-per-click campaigns, utilizing all the tools in our Google Premier Partner box, to make sure they're performing they best they can. If you don't have any PPC campaigns set up, we'll help you do that, too.


We make sure you have the right analytics and tracking in place so you can know exactly where your business sits.

One of our favorite

Aspen Auto Clinic hired W&K when a competitor didn’t meet expectations. After the first week of Aspen’s launch, we did 1430% better than our competitors did over a year and a half of work. After a month, they recorded their best month of sales in the last 6 years, having improved their monthly sales by 35%. These aren’t even fake numbers. It happened.

Check out our team. No, these aren't stock photos...