Capture Interest

Google Ads

Chances are, potential clients are already out there looking for what you have to offer, you just need to be there when they’re looking. We all know Google is the one-stop-shop, so we’ll put it to work for you. It’s the most robust search engine in the world, and it offers businesses a ton of different ways to capture clients’ interests. As we like to say, a strong presence on Google is a quick way to devour the competition.

One of our favorite mini case studies

We love talking about this one. Our client is a nationally recognized pet emergency clinic here in Colorado Springs. In general, they were having a hard time competing with other clinics in town due to the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. The name of the game in that industry is to create brand awareness in the local market, and then be there at a moment’s notice whenever there is a pet emergency. The competition had gotten smarter and employed new tactics, so they were having trouble with both sides of that coin.

  • First, we set their social media plan on track to reach all ~500k users in town across a few networks, specifically targeting pet owners.
  • Second, we set up a system to capture clicks and phone calls city-wide in the moments when potential clients turned to Google with an urgent need. Those searches happen ~40k times/month.
  • We set up a road map to success, including a monthly budget and a timeline for making a dent in the market. With consistency and thoughtful execution, the plan grew wings. Over the course of a year, we boosted their inbound call volume by nearly 1200%, and clicks to their site by around 800%.
  • After implementing those core pieces, we added to the system over time in the form of additional social media, display ads, new pay-per-click placements, email campaigns, more robust targeting, and more.

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