The Needs

Switchbacks are in an interesting position. There is no local competition for them in the sports world, they’re the only soccer team in town. But they are up against unique challenges. Soccer is still a pretty niche sport in the US, not as popular as baseball or football. But the thing is, Switchbacks FC is not just in the business of soccer games. It’s an experience that’s great for Business Development related outings or for taking the whole family out for a fun time. There are tons of exclusive perks to attending a SFC game like meeting the players, local food and drink, and some of the coolest fireworks you’ll ever see. 

So Switchbacks Football Club needed to show the city that they were more than a soccer game under the hot Colorado sun. They were an experience. 

The Results

We used ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google to show users that a Switchbacks Football game isn’t black & white, even if the balls are. We let people know that going to one of these games is a cheap, fun family outing. Going to one of these games is an easy, exciting night out with friends – did we mention the $1 beer? We let people know that attending a game was so much more than just waiting to see which team wins. It’s a change of pace. A way to give back to the community with local vendors and a brand new downtown location. We not only implemented heavy use of high energy photos/videos on social media to grab attention, but we also captured searches on Google even beyond the sports realm. Users are always looking up fun things to do with searches like “family activities” or “local events” or “affordable group outings”, so we grabbed their attention with Google Ads too.

With our ads consistently reaching around 25,000 people locally, we’re spreading the word around town that SFC games are more than games. They’re an experience.