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It’s the digital age and content is king. Depending on your industry, that content is most likely visual, so you need a lot of it. But creating all that content can be a pretty daunting task. From photos and video, to blog posts and email campaigns, we provide the content you’ll need to prove your expertise and stand out from the pack. You know what makes you different, so our content will be tailored to those things.

Once you’re on track with content that really represents you, it’s time to take it to the right networks. Since just about every human being is on social media somewhere, there is always a place for you in the top networks like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. But don’t rule out the others like YouTube or Pinterest, either. Let’s take a look at how to reach your target market through one of them.

reaching your

Looking for ways to reach more people, using less money, and in a measurable way? Social media is the place to connect with more of your target audience and spend less money doing it. Just think about the fact that there is almost no one left in America that doesn’t use some form of social media. Right now, it’s simply the number one place for B2C businesses to reach new buyers. We can target specific age groups, areas, and any demographic you want on multiple platforms from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter.

Growing your

We believe that digital marketing is all about telling your story, and we can use social media to shape your company any way you want. We harp on strong branding over and over at W&K because a brand is not just a logo anymore, it’s how you are perceived as a company. In some cases, a strong social media presence can be more powerful than website quality because millennials tend to go to social media channels before even visiting a website. That means quality social media should be a top priority — starting yesterday. It’s the number one way to grow your brand and establish your name online.

Increasing your

LET’S BE REAL. Sales are the end goal. So how does social media help you get ’em while they’re hot? It all begins with defining your audience. From there, we can speak to them about what they care about most. From there, your following, audience, and engagement will all grow. From there, you can build lasting relationships. Whether you’re a restaurant or bar or zoo or plumber, you could start generating new sales right away once new eyes start seeing your content. At the very least, you’ll start creeping your way into the daily thoughts of potential customers. That’s called the long game. And that’s how you generate future sales using the tools you have now.

One of our favorite

Lee Spirits Co is one of our favorite social media clients to talk about. Check out their Instagram at @leespiritsco when you get a chance. They are a Colorado Springs based distillery specializing in pre-prohibition era gin and liqueurs. They needed help maintaining their brand image on Instagram, wanting to show the world their classy side, their fun side, and some behind the scenes content to help engage their target audience. They wanted it to be all about keywords like hand crafted, small batch, local, and speakeasy. At the moment, they’re approaching 10k followers, all interested in the markets they care most about (Colorado Springs nightlife types and gin/craft cocktail connoisseurs). That’s more than numbers. It means they’ve established themselves as one of the classiest, most detail oriented, and definitely tastiest cocktail bars in town.

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