Aspen auto clinics


Pay Per Click

Aspen Auto Clinic hired W&K when a competitor didn’t meet expectations. After the first week of Aspen’s launch, we did 1430% better than our competitors did over a year and a half. After a month, they recorded their best month of sales in the last 6 years, having improved their monthly sales by 35%.

Brand Awareness

Custom Development


  • -Complete digital strategy
  • -New website
  • -156 Landing pages
  • -22 PPC Campaigns
  • -30 Video ads
  • -30 Display ads
  • -1,015 Search ads
  • -15 Highly Targeted Proximity Ads
  • -47 Zip Codes
  • -8,617,506 Reach
  • -Social Media Strategy
  • -Direct Mailer + Digital Marketing Strategy
Platforms Used
  • -Google Ads
  • -Facebook Ads
  • -Instagram Ads
  • -Bing Ads
  • -Waze Ads
  • -Nextdoor
  • -Organic Social
  • -Wordpress
  • -HOWL Marketing Automation
  • -Custom Proximity Advertising
  • -112% average ticket increase
  • -19% more new customers per month
  • -32% increase in cars per shop
  • -35% increase in sales per shop
What Aspen Auto Clinic has said

“I absolutely love Wolf & Key. Not only have they helped our business grow immensely, they are extremely professional and fun people to be around. I love our bi-monthly meetings at the Wolf Den!”


“Wolf & Key has bridged the gap in communication to our target market digitally. I am so thankful for those guys! ”


“Wolf & Key have single handedly increased our customer value by $250 per car, and increased our new clients by 19% per month. ”


“I love the Wolf & Key guys. They've increased our business, taken me out for a steak dinner, and know their whiskey. ”

Greg BunchCEO