Clear Comfort

Clear Comfort hired Wolf & Key to sell their non-chlorine pool cleaning regulator. Clear Comfort is a clean way to keep your pool (residential and commercial) completely clean with absolutely no harmful chemicals. They had a small budget of $2,000 per month and were getting around 2-4 leads per month at that price. After Wolf & Key redid their PPC campaigns, their numbers increased from 2-4 leads per month to 33 leads per week on average—a 3200% increase in lead volume.
  • -Complete digital strategy
  • -14 Landing pages
  • -6 PPC Campaigns
  • -44 Display ads
  • -88 Search ads
  • -23 Zip Codes
  • -621,476 Reach
Platforms Used
  • -Google Ads
  • -Facebook Ads
  • -Instagram Ads
  • -Native Advertising
  • -65% increase in sales
  • -413% increased reach
  • -$500 more value per lead
What Clear Comfort has said

“Wolf and Key is a valuable partner in our digital strategy. The company’s expertise in digital platforms has brought our lead generation volume to new levels. The strategic insight the team brings to our campaigns has been critical to our digital success.”

Lauren McNittMarketing Director