French Kitchen

Blandine at the French Kitchen hired Wolf & Key to remake their website with a completely custom backend. The French Kitchen does 64 cooking classes per month and needed some very intense customized plugins to manage the customers, waiting lists, and automations. Wolf & Key has completely streamlined the French Kitchen’s business and saved hundreds of the staff’s hours by tailoring their entire backend.
  • -Custom Website Build
  • -Custom API Connections
  • -Custom CRM
  • -E-Mail/Text Automation
  • -Google Ads Build
  • -200 Ad Groups
  • -3,532 Keywords
  • -200 Search Ads
  • -200 Display Ads
  • -Hyper Zip Code Targeting
  • -Organic Social Media Posts
  • -2 Blog Posts Per month
  • -3 Custom Social Posts Per Week
Platforms Used
  • -Google Ads
  • -Facebook Ads
  • -Instagram Ads
  • -WordPress
  • -Custom Plugins
  • -iHome Finder Customizations
  • -$250 more value per customer
  • -19% new customers per month
  • -32% increase in cars per shop
  • -35% increase in sales
What The French Kitchen has said

“Wolf & Key has made our website incredibly. Completely streamlining the process of our internal team. ”

Shane RayCEO