Our culture, our team

Wolf Pack

We f*%$ing love our team. They're unicorns. Unique butterflies. The mystical Big Foot. Whatever you want to call them, they're awesome. They're what keeps our business afloat and keep us coming back to work every day. At any given time, you'll see them making each other coffee (sometimes the Irish kind), coordinating on projects, shooting each other with Nerf guns, and voluntarily staying way later than required just to make sure we continue to put out stellar work. We could go on and on about our group, but, instead, let's learn a little about each of our team members individually.

Campbell Rust

Coffee Grinder // Film Splicer

Introvert. Enneagram number 9. Amatuer Jim Halpert impersonator. Hates mornings but will wake up at 8am to watch Chelsea FC. Peacemaker. Filmmaker. Coffeemaker. Never had a cavity. Loves boring movies and telling stories. Learning new things is the best. Makes all the video content around here.

Spencer Gillard

Architect of the Graphic Arts

A grounded idealist, a reckless optimist and an unapologetically proud Hufflepuff, Spencer is a morning person who enjoys adventure, photography, vintage suburban bike rides, and coffee houses. Spencer is a firm believer in cake for breakfast, flossing daily, and buying local. His favorite flavor is original. Spencer is a Delta Air Lines SkyMiles Rewards member and our lead graphic designer here at Wolf & Key.

Lynn Draper

Copy in Chief

``Can someone else write my bio for me? I don't want to.``

(She's one of our copywriters)

Emilie Hagopian

Duchess of the Written Word

Writer of words, singer of songs, and lover of all things colorful, Emilie is a dedicated copywriter and an aspiring author. She loves Stephen King and punk rock music, and if she’s not in a pool, she’s miserable. Emilie is one of our Copywriters here at W&K.

Russell Klimas

Web Slinger

Russell would make the perfect American president, based upon his skill set, dance ability and bloodlust. The only thing he’s not good at is modesty, because he’s great at it. The English language can not fully capture the depth and complexity of his thoughts. He’s the human form of the 100 Emoji, and he’s devastatingly handsome because he’s a textbook vampire and only comes out at night. He’s also our web designer.

Kevin Kennedy

All Encompassing Tech Wizard

His name is Kevin, though most people refer to him as the bearded wonder. He loves Orange, Budweiser, Red Bull, melted cheese, Apple, and he cried multiple times watching The Office. He's our PPC guy.

Adam Morley

Co-Founder & CEO

Guy. Drinker of generic brand La Croix. A good time looks like an evening of Tinder swiping (all lefts) and pulling weeds. Enjoys a nice dinner of 7 eggs and some hot sauce and long walks drinking an almond milk latte on the beaches of Colorado. Co-leader of the Wolf Pack.

Taylor Draper

Co-Founder & CEO

Proud Irish heritage. Husband since 25. Father of a wonderful daughter. High level thinker and entrepreneur. Design & personal growth junkie. 2013 Triumph Thruxton Rider. Also really likes the color green. Co-leader of the Wolf Pack.