Our culture, our team

Wolf Pack

We love our team. They’re what keeps our business afloat and keep us coming back to work every day. At any given time, you’ll see them making each other coffee (sometimes the Irish kind), coordinating on projects, and voluntarily staying way later than required just to make sure we continue to put out stellar work. We could go on and on about our group, but, instead, let’s learn a little about each of our team members individually.

Adam Morley

Co-Founder & Business Development

He loves vintage cars, motorcycles, and whiskey. His clothes are at least three decades old. His niche is business development. His name is Adam, and we’re proud to call him the co-leader of the Wolf Pack.

Adam has an incredible talent for community engagement. Whether it’s through social media or business luncheons, he knows how to make connections and spread the word. Adam has been a monumental factor in Wolf & Key’s success, and now he enjoys spreading his talents to other companies and watching them thrive in the digital marketplace.

Jocelyn Wendt

Copywriter & Social Media Manager

From the moment that Jocelyn learned how to write, she never stopped. Since she was young, her love for the persuasive power of words was clear. Don’t tell her teachers, but in high school, she charged people $5 to “fancy up” their essays. In addition to her media studies, she is Google Ads certified and keeps up with marketing trends through research and certifications.

Her knowledge of Harry Potter trivia is unparalleled.

Anthony Jones

Web Developer

Anthony Jones, our web developer extraordinaire, is a Colorado-transplant from his home district of Washington. He ended up in the Springs while on a trip to Denver and - quite literally - never turned back. You can feel his love for the city and its people in everything that he does. Part of what makes him feel successful is helping our clients be successful, which comes with a top-notch, high-functioning website.

So, from custom-coding to next-level dedication to the user experience to an unrivaled knowledge of video games, Anthony is a huge, and critical part of the team here at Wolf & Key. (Even if he's a Washington National's fan).