Our culture, our team

Wolf Pack

We love our team. They’re what keeps our business afloat and keep us coming back to work every day. At any given time, you’ll see them making each other coffee (sometimes the Irish kind), coordinating on projects, and voluntarily staying way later than required just to make sure we continue to put out stellar work. We could go on and on about our group, but, instead, let’s learn a little about each of our team members individually.

Michaela Phillips

Creative Director

An unapologetic New Yorker and a fierce creative visionary, Michaela graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Marketing Communications. She has worked in a variety of marketing fields, including fashion brands, wellness companies, and even a zipper corporation. She has an incredible talent for social media marketing, and she has managed a variety of well-known accounts, including The Class by Taryn Toomey, Skull Cashmere, and Morgan Miller Photography.

Michaela has an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and she will never forget the day she learned exactly what not to do while designing a Christmas card that would end up on Jimmy Fallon’s fridge.

Russell Klimas

Web Slinger

Since Wolf & Key’s inception, Russ has been wowing our clients with his web design skills. A tireless worker and an unwavering perfectionist, Russ is arguably one of the hardest working members on our team. When he’s not designing innovative websites, you can find him piloting his drones, practicing his photography skills, and managing his light painting business, Light and Lense.

You can also find him breakdancing at his desk on any given workday.

Mike Schaming

Web Designer and Ad Funnel Tech

Mike is fluent in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. From expert ad funnels to complex coding, Mike’s diverse skill set is a force to be reckoned with. Before settling in with us here at Wolf & Key, he spent his time as a freelance web designer and musician.

Rumor has it, his guitar skills are just as impressive as his web design skills.

Jocelyn Wendt

Copywriter & Social Media Manager

From the moment that Jocelyn learned how to write, she never stopped. Since she was young, her love for the persuasive power of words was clear. Don’t tell her teachers, but in high school, she charged people $5 to “fancy up” their essays. In addition to her media studies, she is Google Ads certified and keeps up with marketing trends through research and certifications.

Her knowledge of Harry Potter trivia is unparalleled.

Adam Morley

Co-Founder & Business Development

He loves vintage cars, motorcycles, and whiskey. His clothes are at least three decades old. His niche is business development. His name is Adam, and we’re proud to call him the co-leader of the Wolf Pack.

Adam has an incredible talent for community engagement. Whether it’s through social media or business luncheons, he knows how to make connections and spread the word. Adam has been a monumental factor in Wolf & Key’s success, and now he enjoys spreading his talents to other companies and watching them thrive in the digital marketplace.

Taylor Draper

Co-Founder & CEO

At 12-years-old, Taylor created his first website. That website became the 14th best of its type on the leaderboards. At 21-years-old, Taylor joined his first marketing team. In the first year alone, he grew that company’s revenue by 1400%. At 24-years-old, Taylor started a lead generation company. In the timespan of just two years, he increased that company’s sales from $350k per year to $14 million per year.

And in 2015, Taylor started Wolf & Key so that he could help small- to medium-sized businesses achieve the same level of success that he did.