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We have years of experience targeting certain people and demographics. That’s exactly what we’ll do for you. We’ll get to know you and your ideal client, then we’ll target that client specifically. You can be sure this method will work for you because we know how to find and target people who already want your product for service. While individual result vary, our methods are proven.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of planting keywords in website content and headlines in an attempt to help your website appear higher on Google search results. In order for your site to show up in the first few results, especially when you’re targeting popular key words, you need a high-end website as well as a top notch SEO plan. SEO is free, but it tends to be less effective at finding hot leads than PPC, and it also takes much longer to build up a good SEO reputation with Google.

On the other hand, PPC, or Pay-Per Click, yields faster, better results. A PPC campaign targets certain keywords that your potential client searches for, then you pay to make sure your website appears at the top of the results when that keyword is searched in Google. PPC isn’t free, but you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad (pay-per-click). If you have a good PPC campaign, like one built by a Google Premier Partner, you will make significantly more money off your campaign than you spend on it.

You see more immediate results with PPC than you would with SEO, but both are useful in their own ways. They can also be used together to obtain the great results.

If you’re signed up with our monthly services, we will give you a detailed monthly report of what we’ve been doing and where your money has gone. We also give you access to Google Analytics reporting.

We have an application process for each client who is interested in our services. This process is simply to make sure we’ll be a good fit for you and your business, and it makes sure you’re a good fit for us. To apply, click here.

A landing page is a one page website that’s designed to let potential leads know the important details about your product or service. It also is used to capture lead information like name and email. Often, ads are linked to landing pages, simply because they’re concise and straightforward.

Websites, on the other hand, are more in-depth. They have multiple pages within the site and offer more information about your product or service, your company, and so on.

Direct Response Marketing is basically another name for Pay-Per-Click. It includes multiple PPC methods like Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Bing, and more. DRM is the process of targeting potential clients or buyers who already want your service or product. It’s a very effective way of gaining clients and making more sales. DRM makes sure that the people who want your product, even if they don’t know it yet,  can find it.

There are multiple benefits to Direct Response Marketing so let’s break them down.

  • It’s Trackable

Trackable marketing means that, when someone clicks on an ad and gives you their information, you know which ad and which media brought that person in.  In mass advertising you’ll never know what enticed that person to give you a lead.

  • It’s Measurable

Since we know where the leads are coming from, we can see which ads are the most effective or ineffective. We can then change or get rid of the ads that aren’t performing well and bringing in hot leads. This is called optimizing.

  • Uses Intriguing Headlines and Sales Copy

Direct Response Marketing uses striking headlines that attract potential clients to your ad. This is paired with powerful content so your ad looks like an editorial, making it three times more likely to be fully read. Writing a truly effective ad that stands out takes years of experience.

  • It Makes a Special Offer

Most of the time, an ad will include a specific offer. This offer’s intention isn’t necessarily to sell something, but to get the potential prospect to take action. This could be something like requesting a free consultation or free report.

A good ad and offer will trigger an emotional response in the consumer because emotions are what drive many decisions. Mass marketing uses impersonal, one-size-fits-all methods, but Direct Response Marketing lets you tap into and target what your ideal customer really wants, which brings us to the next benefit:

  • It Targets a Specific Audience or Niche

Instead of advertising to every person on the planet, Direct Response Marketing focuses only on people who are already interested in your product or service. So, if you’re selling quilts, DRM targets people who are looking to buy quilts, not someone who is looking for a coffee maker. Targeting people who are searching for what you’re selling leads to more sales and better business.

  • It Calls for a Response

Each Direct Response Ad also contains a “Call to Action” which asks the prospect to do something specific. The potential client will often provide their response through a system that will capture and store contact information. This can be used for further action beyond the initial response. When the prospect fills out their response, they are then considered a lead.

  • The Easy Follow Up

You now have access to a hot lead who searched for a product or service like the one you offer, was interested enough to click on your ad, and gave you their contact information. Now is when you can sell them your product or service if they haven’t already purchased it. Depending on what you’re offering, they may have purchased your product before they even gave you their information. If you’re selling a service, chances are you’ll need to get in contact with them in order to do so. But it all depends on your business plan and what you’re offering.

  • Follow Up on Unconvinced Leads

There are some leads who may not respond immediately to the initial follow up you provide. These leads take more nurturing to become buyers. Since they provided their contact information they should be hearing from you several times a month, generally in the form of email, until they either unsubscribe or become a buyer. This is where effective copy comes into play. An experienced copywriter will know how to tap into emotion, offer incentives, and intrigue leads in unique ways.

These are the bare bones of Direct Response Marketing. Wolf & Key Marketing has years of experience targeting, optimizing, and effectively capturing leads. We are also experts at designing websites and landing pages, building ads, copywriting, and more.

Yes. In fact, we’ve increased revenue for businesses by 60% or more through consulting. We can help you build your marketing funnel, help you identify holes in your current funnel, help improve existing Direct Response Marketing campaigns, and more.

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