Far East Broadcasting Company

Wolf & Key Marketing

Wolf & Key was started by us (we're bros-in-law) Adam Morley and Taylor Draper

Two of the main business principles we abide by: being aggressive like a wolf, and opening doors to new opportunities

We're most passionate about what you're passionate about

Purpose Before Profit.

- We're as passionate about it as you are (almost)

- Utilize digital for creative solutions

- No matter what you hired us for, our goal is to help you figure out what your brand looks like online

- Use our millennial-ness to help you reach the modern world

The big differences between digital and print?

- Reach more people for less money

- Measured at every step of the process

- Target your audience a lot more specifically (depending on the network)

- Audience, audience, audience

- Gripping video or billboard?

Currently: Approx $500/mo spend, using about 80 targeted keywords (search terms), getting 747 clicks on ads.

8-15% of clicks should at least become a lead: ~74/mo
2-3% of clicks should be a sale: ~22/mo (new donor)

We’ll cover potential numbers in the strategy section

If you can find a person without a smartphone, we'll be impressed. And that goes for a person without social media too. Since our goal is to use digital to your advantage, let's talk about some numbers.

Forbes: By 2019, 80% of global internet traffic will be video

Facebook generates about 8 billion video views per day

Youtube: Mobile video consumption rises by 100% each year

Unbounce: Including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%

Hubspot: After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online

Small Biz Trends: Companies using video enjoy 41% more web traffic from search than non-users

FEBC's story is absolutely incredible. One we respect a whole lot. We need to get your story out to as many people as possible. We need to show the world the heart's you've transformed through your ministry.

We learned about the 10/40 window so early in life that we used to say “10-40 over and out” on our walkie talkies when we were squirrel hunting.

- Hard working, do-it-yourselfers

- We're a bunch millennials, and that means our common goal is helping each other thrive and seeing others succeed.

- Open creativity, understanding how to reach our generation and beyond

- Purpose Before Profit

How do they benefit you?

Dedicated Google team

Private consultations & optimizations

High standards

Our PPC team has 8 years of experience doing hyper-focused campaigns.

Our philosophy: Test, Optimize, Repeat

We’ll talk case studies in a bit!

We’ll work with the FEBC media team, optimizing your content for paid campaigns, designed to tell FEBC’s story.

The end goal will always be to create new donorship.

This not organic content posting

Pay Per Click campaigns are just what they sound like. Any paid campaign where the advertiser pays by the click.

They're managed through platforms like Google AdWords or Facebook.

PPC Networks:

-Search Network
-Display Network
-Video Network
-Native Network





Test networks: Twitter/LinkedIn

We'll use different length videos, making sure each is effective, to the point, and high quality.

Objective: Target users based on search terms, and channels they subscribe to already. Here's a 30,000 foot view of your audience.

Search terms targeted:
Church, Sermon, Christianity, Pastor, Evangelicalism, Ministry, Testimony, Testimonies, Ministers, Missionaries, Gospel

Categories targeted:
Arts & Entertainment > Music & Audio > Religious Music

Arts & Entertainment > Music & Audio > Religious Music > Christian & Gospel Music

People & Society > Religion & Belief > Theology & Religious Study

People & Society > Religion & Belief > Spirituality

People & Society > Religion & Belief > Places of Worship

People & Society > Religion & Belief > Christianity

People & Society > Religion & Belief

Est. Weekly Video Ad Impressions: 17M

They're today's most widely used social media networks.

You generally target users based on interests. Here's the 30,000 foot view of your audience:

Must match: Born again (Christianity), Charismatic Christianity, Christian Church, Christian ministry, Church (building), Compassion International, Evangelicalism, God in Christianity, Minister (Christianity), Mission (Christianity), Passion (Christianity)
Must also match: Hobbies and activities > Politics and social issues > Issues & Causes

Potential Reach: 7,900,000
Estimated Daily Reach with a budget of $100 / day: 8,500 - 53,000

Targets app users based on same criteria as YouTube (both managed through Google)

Serves ads via the ad exchange to relevant users as they navigate any number of partner apps.

Est. Weekly Impressions: 42M

Twitter: Target based on keywords searched and keywords used in Tweets

LinkedIn: Target users based on job title, responsibilities, salary, etc

So until now we've been discussing "disruptive advertising". Meaning the ads show up while you're doing something else. Checking social, or cruisin' the googs'. What about non-disruptive advertising?

Welcome to Native. We'll be taking your incredible testimonials, photos, videos and turning them into blog posts. These blog posts will show up when someone is searching on any blogging network. They will even pair with related blog posts that are in your category.

You might know this one...the funnel is the process we send potential customers through. The goal is guide them and give them all the info they need to make a decision to buy (or donate, in your case).

Without putting you to sleep with technical stuff, let's talk about ours.

Ad > Landing Page > "Thank You" Page

Again: Test, Optimize, Repeat!

E-mail is an extremely important piece of our strategy. Our Howl system will be connected with every single one of our landing pages. We set up these landing pages to capture potential leads, and abandons. (People that saw the landing page but left without filling anything out.)

Howl - We've created a system that will manage all of your incoming leads/donors, and organize them into intelligent e-mail lists. We call them drip e-mails. They nurture your donors through a few pre-written e-mails scheduled to send at certain times to maximize the opportunity to donate to FEBC.

We're all about transparency here at Wolf & Key. We want to make sure that every dollar you spend is trackable. You need to know as an organization where every cent is spent, and what it did for your organization.

That's why we've partnered up with Databox. A real time dashboard where you can - in real time - see all the data points that are relevant to your business. Your ROI is at your finger tips.

We're experienced with increasing sales and lowering costs across the board. Our favorite campaigns are the ones where we are passionate about the cause from the get-go. FEBC is one of them, because your mission is in our hearts too.

Let's talk about a few of the projects we've done in the past.

Aspen Auto Clinic is a auto repair shop in the southern Colorado region.

They had all but lost faith in digital marketing before we became friends. They were spending more than they would want us to tell you on marketing, with little to no results. They were losing money each year from 2014-2017.

Within a couple months of launch, we increased their conversion rates by 1,430%, and their sales went up by 35%. meanwhile, they had also lowered their overall marketing advertising budget.

We did it by honing in on their target audience, optimizing, boosting creative quality, and helping them cut out wasted dollars.

A few others worth mentioning:
- Chelle McDaniel
- Company A
- Company B


We can't wait to help FEBC reach more donors than ever before.