We believe in purpose


In 2019 Wolf & Key underwent some drastic changes. As a company we decided to change how we portrayed ourselves. Beforehand we were putting our “fun” side out for the world to say, and we made sure they knew how fun we were. With web series like “Drunk Website Reviews” and “Adam Talks” we wanted to show everyone how much fun we have around the office.

Unfortunately this was hurting our reputation more than helping it. We weren’t being taken seriously by our target market, and attracting the wrong kind of clientele all together. So Taylor & Adam got together and discussed what we needed to be changed, and it came down to one big thing: Intentionality.

So what do we mean when we say things like “Be intentional” or “Think intentionally”? It means when you’re a part of Wolf & Key everything you do, every decision you make has an impact. You need to make your thoughts and actions purposeful, and on brand with the company we’re portraying ourselves to be.

We dress like classy individuals because we know it takes intentionality every morning to look good, and there’s an incredible psychology behind that.

We proof our e-mails three times and ask ourselves “Would an expert respond this way?” because it takes intentionality to communicate properly with our clients.

Adam & Taylor are always intentional about being completely transparent with the team, because this is your company too, and you should know the direction the owners are taking it at all times.

It takes intentionality.

We get it, sometimes it’s hard to think intentionally. Here’s some practical ways to start you off on the right path with intentionality in your position with Wolf & Key.

Dress Code

It all starts here. In the morning you wake up, you get ready to tackle the day. You want to look your best. You never know who may visit the Wolf Den today. It may be a multi million dollar CEO of another company looking to come on as a client. You are the expert in your field, how can you dress to make them perceive you as such appropriately?


Communication can mean anything from a comment on social media, e-mails, meetings, to just discussions around the office. Be intentional about how you represent yourself when speaking to anyone. We often ask ourselves “How can I respond to this e-mail like a gentleman/gentlewoman?” Words have power, so take care in what you say!

The Big Picture

We have some pretty in depth processes at Wolf & Key. All designed to help our clients grow their businesses. That’s half the fun of working here. When you’re performing work in your field for one of our client’s keep the big picture in mind. If you’re a videographer, is the imagery you’re working on in-line with this client’s target market? If you’re a copywriter, are you speaking to our client’s target market in the proper voice? If you’re a developer, how will what you’re working on help our client grow their business?  It all starts by thinking about these things intentionally.

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