The Needs

At Wolf & Key, our strategies always begin with gaining a deep understanding of what it is our client needs and way into the future. In this case, Bristol needed creative, attention-grabbing ways to promote their brand in the ocean of breweries that is southern Colorado. They are one of many in the area, but anyone who has been paying attention for a long time knows that they are the OGs. They’ve been around forever, they’re veterans, they’re great at what they do. But times change and new breweries are always the hot thing. So it was time to attack the market in a new way, using new language, via new channels of communication so they could stay the top dog.

The Results

We conducted research on the client’s competitors, advertising rules (alcohol marketing can be tricky), and then helped them decide what they want to “be known for” and how they’re different from the rest. From there, we came up with a quirky but classy, well presented but grass roots style of marketing on social media. Light hearted and fun  Among many projects is a video series about the goofy scallywags called the Mango Pirates, tricking each other left and right to get a taste of that treasure (Bristol’s mango sour beer). There was also a heartfelt community project promoting Ivywild School Pale Ale that raised money for hospitality workers in need when COVID hit hard. Essentially, building awareness and standing out to their audience was a crucial goal for the team at Bristol if they were going to increase sales. So we took to social media to specifically target craft beer drinkers throughout southern Colorado, using the kind of content no one else was making in their industry.

Some quick numbers…

The Mango Pirate campaign received about 73k ThruPlays and about 300k impressions in their target audience.

The ISPA campaign had around 200k impressions. There are plenty more nerdy campaign details we can share if you like!