The Needs

Indie Ridge is a new, fresh motorcycle accessory brand that specializes in gloves, masks, and boots made for riders of all kinds. Their biggest goal when they came to us was to refine what their brand was all about and promote that to the world. As an up-and-coming company, getting your brand’s messaging tight and consistent is crucial. It sets the precedent of your brand in the future, it helps build brand loyalty early on. “A unique” Brand identity is a lot like our own identities. It’s part of why people like you. Letting people see what mattered to Indie Ridge, like community, the outdoors and honest, well made products, was the biggest goal. 

Here’s how we did that.

The Results

By sitting down with the founder of Indie Ridge, we were able to understand exactly what it was that he wanted to portray to the world. A fun, community-based brand that was dedicated to the durability of his products, and a big emphasis on going upstream. So, we customized a social media strategy just for this brand. From graphics of popular motorcycle rides to video production to authentic content that highlighted Indie Ridge’s belief in their products (he offered full refunds, no questions asked to anyone who didn’t love their purchase), Wolf & Key helped to establish Indie Ridge’s presence on social media nation-wide

Looking for some numbers? Under our management, Indie Ridge’s Instagram following grew by over 300 percent, skyrocketing them towards their goal of 1,000 followers.