The Needs

Lee Spirits needed to establish itself outside of the four walls of their brick and mortar location, Brooklyn’s on Boulder. The bar had its own kind of notoriety, but Lee Spirits is much more than the locations it’s served at. It’s elevated, classy, versatile… All the things you want in a handcrafted gin (they’ve even branched into whiskey & vodka) company. But there’s plenty of that in the world today. There are countless gin companies, countless brands telling you they’ve got the best whiskey, a seemingly endless list of vodkas that go perfect with any mixer. 

But Lee Spirits has as much love for community as they do for their craft. So they’ve honed in on a way to combine these two things, and do a great job at educating their audience, giving them a look into how they make their spirits and cocktails, taking the exclusivity out of the posh liquor world. The challenge was telling that story to the local community.

The Results

Continuing in the spirit of education, we push cocktail recipes (some even exclusive to Brooklyn’s on Boulder), behind-the-scenes shots of the distillation process, and other fun content onto their Facebook and Instagram pages. We help with creating new photo content to spread their brand’s message. After all, now more than ever, people are choosing where to buy from based on how much they like the brand as products themselves start to matter less and less than the company’s ethos.