The Needs

Emergency pet decisions are typically made in a crisis moment. PPES came to us because they knew they needed to be top of mind in those moments. Pet owners tend to shy away from big chain organizations in favor of smaller locally owned clinics that feel more trustworthy. That’s not a consumer opinion unique to the pet world, but it’s more important for them than usual. They needed to be seen as a staple in the COS community and an organization that knows what it’s like to have pets that run wild in a sometimes dangerous outdoor landscape. 

The Results

To help them be top of mind in emergencies and stand out as the local community’s go-to, we went to work on the 2 places all pet owners in COS hang out. Search engines when the doggo gets a little too brave, and social media all the time/when they’re posting pics of their cat with a birthday hat on.

Few things matter more when managing social media pages than consistency and keeping it interesting. You need people to know that, when they like or follow your page, you’re going to keep giving them new, fresh, interesting content. Why else would they want you on their feed? With something as specific as a pet hospital, there’s an important balance between selling services by speaking clearly about them, and just sharing engaging content that’s actually interesting. And what’s more lovable than adorable pets? We share(d) quick photo/video posts about their pet-loving staff, cutting edge equipment they use to care for patients, their collaborative philosophy with their competition, and their partnerships with local organizations that make a difference for pets.

Nowadays, it’s hard to grow a huge list of followers on social media. It’s a vanity metric, but companies still spend too much time on it. To make the biggest difference, get in front of as much of your audience as you can, and make sure it’s the right people. What use is advertising to a million people if only 10,000 of them will be interested? For PPES, we got more specific. We made special photo/video content dedicated to paid social media campaigns that run all over COS/southern CO. We targeted pet owners locally, people who have visited the PPES website in the past, and in some cases even people who visit their competitors clinics. All of these behaviors make someone much more likely to be interested in what the client had to offer.

Let’s take a look at some of the results. Each month, around 800 new visitors reach the PPES site who hadn’t been before and can be re-marketed to. Social media content is shown to 40k-ish scrollers who have pets or know someone who does. Often, our relationship with clients evolves phases, building strategies as we go. Next up for PPES? We’ll go to work capturing the 11k searches in COS that occur monthly in the realm of pet ER needs.