The Needs

Kids Crossing is an incredibly unique foster agency. They’re here to secure healthy, loving homes for foster kids while also helping to heal the bond they have with their bio families. Overall, their goal is to help keep families together, but make sure the foster families, kids, and teens are loved and cared for while all that healing happens. This comes with a very unique target audience, or, the people who would be interested in what Kids Crossing is doing. Whether it was for something as small as a one-time donation or something as large as becoming a foster parent, they needed to get the word out that an average person helping a little really helps a whole lot.

The Results

With our various campaigns across social media and search engines, brand awareness (AKA, making sure people actually know Kids Crossing exists) increased exponentially, with ads getting in front of over 130,000 users in that target market on Facebook alone. This means, regardless of how many of those people become foster parents, or make a donation, or even just share the post, over 130,000 people know who – and what – Kids Crossing is. However, we would like to brag momentarily and point out that donations for Kids Crossing were up by almost 150% compared to the previous year.